5 Things I’ve Discovered about Crown Hill

September 7, 2010

1. A sandy beach exists in NW Washington

The other day I decided to go adventuring down to Golden Gardens park at the end of my street. Who knew there was a sandy beach so close to my house! Hopefully we’ll get some more nice weather before winter starts.

2. There  are lots of unique places to eat

Including an authentic Morrocan restaurant called the Kasbah, which has excellent cocktails mixed with honey and cinnamon. And bellydancers aparently.

3. Crown Hill Cemetery needs some work

I’ve always been strangely fascinated with cemeteries, so I had to check out the one down the block from my new place. Unfortunately the place has been neglected to the point of being overgrown and full of litter. Most unique thing I spotted here: Miss American Pre-Teen Pageant Finalist trophy next to a headstone.

4. Henry is everywhere

This local artist has a thing for awkwardly cute animals and bright colors. I’ve probably seen at least a dozen of his murals around Ballard so far.

5. The Scandinavians are a proud people

Welcome to Viking territory… again.


One Response to “5 Things I’ve Discovered about Crown Hill”

  1. Deborah Says:

    Nice photos!

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