Profiles of Bellevue

October 7, 2010

I have an enormous amount of time for people watching during my daily commute to work. For anyone who has never been to Bellevue on a weekday morning (me a couple weeks ago), there is a unique cross section of people to observe. And in honor of that, I’d like to present you with my observations of the different types of people I encounter on a daily basis… let’s call it a field guide to the Bellevuian.

Young professional
The older among them look anxiously uncomfortable, and the younger ones look uncomfortably anxious. Regardless, they are all so tucked and buttoned and in a hurry to do/go/meet/call that they are never quite at ease.  Conspicuous consumers of the latest high-tech goodies, you’ll rarely see a young professional in Bellevue without a visible iPod, smart phone, blue tooth headset, laptop, or kindle.

Microsoft geek
Though everyone who works in Bellevue has been sleeping around with Microsoft in some fashion, the ‘Microsoft geek’  is definitely the most obvious and prolific employee. Erring on the ‘casual’ side of business casual, you will often see these young white men wearing what they normally would with a dress shirt thrown in the mix. I’m talking jeans and sneakers, khaki cargo shorts, mandals with socks, and laptop messenger bags.

That bike guy
Regardless of whether he is on the bus or wandering downtown, that bike guy always wears a helmet so the world will be aware that, yes, he rides a bike. And just in case you weren’t sure, he’s gone ahead and added the reflective tape, blinky lights, and helmet mounted rear-view mirror.

Awkward Asian lady
Somehow I always end up sitting next to her on the bus. This woman is clearly not dressed for work, so I can only assume she is on her way to the city to go shopping. She has perfected the ‘dressing in the dark’ look… wearing an incredible assortment of mismatched clothes. Nice dress paired with well worn tennis shoes? Why not. An expensive jacket with a Winnie the pooh mini backpack? You bet.

Everpresent leafblower
If you ever wondered why the streets of Bellevue are so spotless, look no further than its army of immaculate gardeners. Every morning they are out there leafblowing that single fallen leaf, spraying buckets of herbicide on the last tiny, weedy survivor who sprung up in the cracks of the sidewalk the night before, and sweeping individual little pieces of trash while wearing sporty white gloves. And props to these guys for managing to do a labor-intensive job without ever bending over or touching the ground.


One Response to “Profiles of Bellevue”

  1. Marie Says:

    AWKWARD ASIAN LADY!!! Yes. I hope to one day become her.

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