A week or so ago, my fellow WagEd designer Sara and I went on the AIGA studio tours in downtown Seattle. We had the opportunity to peek inside the inner workings of three amazing design studios: Frog, Garrigan Lyman, and Fitch. Both of us agreed that our humble office space (think fluorescent lights and no windows… we’re unfortunately housed in the middle of the building in what is called the training room) needed some work, mainly that we were lacking something that all of the other companies seem to have… an inspiration wall.

A few days later we finally had some down time, and so was born ‘The Wall’. It’s still quite bare, but it’s a start! And if you’re curious, the word ‘inspire’ is a cutout made out of scotch tape.


I can only hope to one day make something this neat: soytuaire.labuat.com. The Spanish band Labuat created this interactive music video for their song Soy Tu Aire. Not only is this site beautiful and flawlessly executed, but it creates an interactive experience that is both intuitive and effortless.

Now I’m really inspired to make an interactive flash site that follows a timeline… guess I need to brush up on my ActionScript!

Other examples of interactive music videos: