Its been a while since I’ve posted anything online, be it a blog post, tweet, or fb status update (god forbid I get back into that…), but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been keeping myself busy! Between moving, crazy amounts of new projects at work, exploring a brand new neighborhood, and taking advantage of the recent glut of ‘Groupon’ knockoffs to take some interesting classes (guess who can salsa dance now!) I’ve had more than my share of blog photo worthy experiences but I have been too social-media burnt-out to share.

I’d like to keep this blogging thing up for a while though, and so I’d like to share a little bit about my work life here at Wagg Ed…
So this is my view from my desk at work.

You can’t tell from the photo, but I basically work in a windowless box in the center of the building. There are two doors on either side of the room, effectively rendering it a hallway, or ‘shortcut to the bathroom’. My coworker, Sara Huntley, and I created the inspiration wall you see ┬áin front of my desk. It ain’t no window, but its a hell of a conversation starter!

The wall has become a collection of silly pictures

Out of context magazine headlines

And ancient Chinese wisdom.

But even more impressive is the giant fucking red wall that has been creeping up behind me.

That bad boy is constructed entirely of small rectangles of girly magazine cutouts…

At the rate we are going, we figure it will probably be done by the time our office remodel starts and that particular wall is demolished. In the meantime though, it has kept us from going insane during intermittent down-times in our windowless fortress.


A week or so ago, my fellow WagEd designer Sara and I went on the AIGA studio tours in downtown Seattle. We had the opportunity to peek inside the inner workings of three amazing design studios: Frog, Garrigan Lyman, and Fitch. Both of us agreed that our humble office space (think fluorescent lights and no windows… we’re unfortunately housed in the middle of the building in what is called the training room) needed some work, mainly that we were lacking something that all of the other companies seem to have… an inspiration wall.

A few days later we finally had some down time, and so was born ‘The Wall’. It’s still quite bare, but it’s a start! And if you’re curious, the word ‘inspire’ is a cutout made out of scotch tape.

So I have an account on this stock photography site called Thinkstock. ┬áNeedless to say, I have stumbled across more than few interesting (absurd) photos while browsing using various search terms, for instance, ‘man with knee injury’ or ‘halloween costumes’. I’ve been tempted to download some of my favorites, but unfortunately my account only legally allows me to use photos for work related purposes. So I give you the next best thing: the wonderful world of stock photography image captions. You’ll have to use your imagination with these, but that is probably for the best.

I present to you Top 5 Stock Photography Captions using the search term: Business Man

5 – Business man sleeping on pile of shredded paper

4 – Business man bowling in hallway

3 – Business man wizard

2 – Economic crisis forced shocked business man to commit suicide with rope

1 – Business man pouring fuel into open briefcase

I work here!

September 24, 2010

So, I just finished my first week at my new job working as a designer at Waggener Edstrom in downtown Bellevue. That’s a picture of the reception desk up above!

It has been an experience… completely different from anything I’ve ever done before. So far, I’ve sat in on a Skype meeting with the Portland crew, sourced images for MSN newsletters, created an infographic for a ‘soft-sell’ to a major pharmaceutical company, learned about billable hours and job codes, and learned a hell of a lot about how the bus system works. I definitely had one of those ‘you are paying me to do this?’ moments yesterday.

I’ve been wanting to take some pictures of the office, but my desk isn’t much to look at at the moment, and I don’t want to be a creepster at work. Right now I sit by myself near the center of the building (no windows unfortunately) but I’ve been told that they are hiring another designer who will share my space in another week or two. There have also been rumblings about an office remodel beginning in December that will involve a lot of knocking down of walls and a general ‘outdoor’ theme. Cross fingers they want to keep me on after my contract is up at the end of the year!